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My Outfit
Leather Jacket: June
Leggings: Club Monaco
Boots: Frye
Bag: Chloe
Necklace: Topshop

I found myself super jealous of Beyonce today. Not bc of the more obvious reasons, ie, rich, famous, etc, but because it seems like she was pregnant for about 5 minutes!!! Oh, and have you noticed that she wore like 5 inch heels the entire time?!!!

She just had her baby over the weekend, and although everyone tells me to use this time to get lots of sleep and take long showers (they say I wont get to do this after baby arrives--ahem, isn't that where hubby comes to the rescue?) I just cant wait for him to pop out already! Nine months is a loooong time, even if I'm having a relatively good pregnancy;)

Oh well, the best things come to those who wait...

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  1. Oh my goodness I hope I can look that stylish prego. Congrats and thank you for following my blog! Going to navigate through yours now! Nice to meet you!

  2. When are you due ? The last week moths are the worst. My husband was very helpful with both babies, but it was still hard to find time to do anything for myself. Those babies are such attention whores..ha!!

  3. Wow you are look so finally look preggars...but cute of course!

  4. Hi Hun! I'm Whitney a new follower! U look beautiful don't let beyonce bring ur prego glow down :) I jus had a baby 4 months ago and could never pull off great style like you. @rlutz is right! Attention whores indeed hahah

  5. You and I are both pregnant! How many months are you? You look pretty and adorable. I'm currently 6 months. Thanks for stopping by my blog because I found you.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  6. Wow! I'm on hiatus for a few months and come back to see mama Mimi! Congratulations! I'm gonna try to get back into blogging, at least for Many Layers Monday. That's still on, right? (I'm on mobile view and can't see sidebars).

    Congrats again!
    Jen :o)


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