Aqua Sweater Dress

Wow, I certainly look bigger here! Honestly, I've been getting to the end of my rope by now. Pregnancy has had its joys, but I'm ready to meet this little boy and get on with being a mamma already! This is actually a scheduled post, so I either: 
1. Am in Labor
2. Am officially a mom
3. Am just too tired to blog for the moment

For now at least, your guess is as good as mine! What I can tell you though is that there are lots of things about pregnancy I wont be missing:
  1. Unable to roll over at night in my sleep...lack of sleep and insomnia
  2. Strange shooting pains, sometimes in my leg, sometimes in my back, sometimes EXACTLY where you would assume a preggie would get em!
  3. Anxiety about motherhood
  4. A general lack of patience with things that I found annoying
  5. Hormones
  6. Strong desire for the temporary joy of food (ok i sometimes had it BEFORE pregnancy but its MUCH stronger during)...mainly sweets...I haven't actually had any real cravings at all, but definitely a very strong desire!
So what exactly did I like about pregnancy?
  1. Excitement about being a mommy
  2. THE SECOND TRIMESTER!!! It really is the honeymoon of pregnancy...I had tons of energy, loved the glow I felt, and loved feeling the baby kick and move.
  3. Bonding with other moms and moms to be...pregnancy talk really does bring women together!
  4. Lots of evenings staying up with hubby, excitedly talking about baby names, what our baby will look like, be like, etc.
  5. Not feeling guilty if I wanted a nap or a scoop of ice cream!
  6. Being offered a seat on the subway...once I was noticably pregnant this happened 8 times out of 10...not too bad for New Yorkers

And of coarse...the challenge of dressing with my ever growing belly...yes, I actually liked it!
I rarely wore maternity clothes and always looked for inexpensive clothes on sale that were in larger sizes and had lots of stretch! This aqua dress above was a sale item from Asos....

Here's what it looks like without the baby bump:
Buying info here

Well, here's hoping the future me is holding my newborn baby as you are reading this!!!

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  1. it seems you are enjoying your pregncy at the most!i love look really great,love the blue sweater u r wearing.beautiful necklace too.

  2. Eeeee, hope you had the baby! I will say congrats now just in case :)

    Love that sweater dress.

  3. i kinda like the idea of the dress with the baby bump. you look adorable. and this post somehow struck the maternal gene in me. so congrats, you made me want to be a mom for a minute, and that's difficult to do :)
    if you did have your little muffin i hope it went well!

  4. oh my gosh!! i hope you are in labor and it goes smoothly! can't wait to see your newborn!!

  5. Here's to hoping you are cuddling your little man right now...
    Love your necklace!!

  6. oohhh well if you are in labor Congrats!!!

  7. EEEEP! I'm so excited for you right now! I hope you are snuggling that sweet baby and enjoying life!! :) Best Wishes!!


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