Sale Top and More Tie-Front Blouses

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I've never really gotten what all the fuss is about over sitting for hours on end, watching grown men run around in silly outfits, eating food thats bad for you and drinking wine. Well, I like love  the latter part (the food and wine), but I dont need much of an excuse to do that anyway! LOL. Actually, I RARELY get to sit around because of the little misters, but I'm doing just that today, while one plays quietly and the other naps. Its pretty AMAZING!

I'm finally getting around to posting this new tie front blouse of mine. If you follow me on instagram, you'll see that I'm in love with this top, and that it's on sale for only 30$. I've already worn it a lot so I figure its paid for itself basically...(Que rolling of the eyes from husbands everywhere). The denim is on sale too. They're Current Elliott jeans and they are such a great fit.


  1. I like the color this top adds to the look, but my eyes are set on that marvellous hand bag.

  2. I love that you pair neutrals with a bold and pretty floral print - perfect transition into Spring. Your bag is gorgeous!

    I hope you visit and join my latest style linkup and share this post and your awesome style with my readers. Thank you, Ada. =)


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